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         Location:New York and Paris

Known for her meticulous and layered approach to design, Nicole Heffron works to tell intricate stories with all of her projects.  Her previous background as an illustration graduate and a makeup artist strongly inform her distinct ability to bridge the gap between modern commercial design and more conceptual, character-driven work. To Nicole, details like faint water stains on a tile floor, tiny cookie crumbs on a nightstand, or faded graffiti on a public bathroom sink are what completes a design.  Showcasing her commitment to design as a mode of contemporary communication, she uses these details to create fully-realized worlds, both realistic and fantastic.  -Dank


Clients:Aldo, Avon, Airheads, Armstrong, AARP, Bloomingdales, Belvedere, Bon Appetit, Boursin, Broad City, Castrol GTX, Comedy Central, Chase Bank, Discovery ID, David’s Bridal, The Daily Show, DuJour, DJP, Fast Company, Geico, Gilt Groupe, Glamour, Hatch, Heineken, Hennessy, IBM, Intel, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Mary Kay, Marie Claire, Macy’s,Men's Fitness, MTV, Warner Brothers, Runner's World Magazine, Vogue, Soludos, Saks, Vice, Tumi, T Mobile, Tylenol

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